Wine is born from the grape. And the grape is fruit of the earth, of toil, skills and tradition. At times tradition is written down and so becomes history.

Tradition and skills are passed down from father to son, but toil is not something you pass on – it’s something you discover for yourself. In the earth, all this is already present and at times as you work it you may come upon a carved stone or a sliver of pottery, turned up by your hoe, reminding you that we are just one tiny ring in a long, long chain. The earth is different everywhere, and we know ours, at Soleminis, where we nurture our vines with loving care. Here, there have always been vineyards, and even if in times of conflict they were neglected, you could be sure that someone would always come back to cultivate them. There are no more lords, the marquises are long gone, the language of those tracing borders on the maps has changed. But the earth has never changed. Patient, sun-kissed, it gives birth to the grape.

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